About Us

Company overview

         New Generation Logistics and Human Resource Management is one of the most reputable and pioneer companies in Human Resource Outsourcing business. With over a decade of Human Resource Management (Outsourcing) experience, we have proven that people, processes, technologies, experiences, knowledge and best practices we have can be shared across industries. When you come to us you can get a full package of HR service that includes the whole HR functions such as

  • HR Recruitment, 
  • Selection, 
  • Induction & Orientation,
  • Benefit Administration,
  • Employee Monitoring & Supervision,
  • Training and Development and relevant regulations and compliance will be included in the package.
                        All these offers are configured in a way that can fit your organization unique goals and specific needs.

          Since it’s founding in Addis Ababa in 1991 New Generation Logistics and Human Resource Management has served more than 28 organizations that cover government, private, non-government and international organizations. Our experience with various types of companies has helped us to gain the knowledge on how to best address the specific needs of different industries.

        By automating many “back office” tasks ranging from data entry and payroll inquiries to benefits administration, and other business processes outsourcing of HR service is a convenient and high-tech way to transform your HR functions without adding infrastructure, headcount, or cost.

      Our Company is always ready serve any organization be it complex global enterprise, manufacturing, or service sector or any other firm. If you are with us you will be pledged to get the following advantages:

  • Lower administration and control costs.
  • Freeing up important resources.
  • Reduce compliance risk.
  • Free up time to focus on strategically important tasks.
  • Access to specialized expertise and technology.
  • Dedicated and competent staffs

Our wide range Operational locations in delivering HR Services has enabled us to have the following

  • Great Experience gathered through years of delivering the above mentioned services in each of the sites.
  • Recognition and Legal status certificates from the respective regional Labor & Social affairs of the country
  • Good knowledge of the labor market in each of the Operation sites

Our Competitive advantage

When comparing our capabilities and resources with that of competitors, there are many pluses that you can get some of the advantages of being our customer is

  • Advanced human resources technology that can streamline important HR functions, such as automated payroll system & benefit administration.
  • Periodic monitoring, two way communication system and employee performance appraisal.
  • Flexible provision of services tailored to unique needs of our customer companies
  • Provision of JIT service in case of sudden fluctuations that maintains your work force flexibility.
  • A dedicated resource for administration of workforce
  • Compliance with International and national labour rules and regulations

Our Mission

Ensure the availability of a reliable and efficient logistics and HR management services in the country assisted with research and development activities, best practice adoption and Capacity Building.

Shared Values

  • Provide reliable service.
  • Treat all clients with high courtesy and compassion.
  • Working together with high team spirit and collaboration.


  • To add value for clients, stakeholders and business partners through consistent pursuit of excellence.
  • To exercise and implement fair & smooth business and co-workers relation.
  • To provide reliable & efficient logistics services.